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The article develops the multi-level fusion based intelligent security system to be applied in home automation. The system contains some detection modules, a supervised computer, an elevator and an experimental platform. The detection modules have active detection modules and passive detection modules that are designed in our research team. The control unit of all detection modules (active and passive) is HOLTEK microchip. Mobile robots are active detection modules, and are classified more and more teams according to the detection functions. Each mobile robot of the team robot system transmits the real-time event signals to the supervised computer and the other mobile robots via wireless RF interface, and moves to any floor of the experimental platform using the elevator. The passive detection modules contain wire/wireless detection modules. If the event occurrence, the passive detection modules can decide the event to be true or false in the level one using weighted average algorithm, and transmits the position of the event to the supervised computer and mobile robots. Mobile robots can detect the event to be true or false using Dempster-Shafter (D-S) evidence theory, and transmits the relation location of the event to the supervised computer, too. The supervised computer decides the event to be true according to the feedback signals using D-S evidence theory, and controls the other mobile robots moving to the event location for double check, and recognizes the final decision output using D-S evidence theory in the level two. Finally, we present some experimental results using the active and passive detection modules to detect the fire source on the experimental platform