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In order to protect the personal and diagnosis information of patient, GHM and Canny edge detection are employed in this algorithm to process the original CT digital image. The original image will be firstly processed GHM for a global analysis. According to different importance degrees, CT images can be distributed into LL2, LH2, HL2 and HH2 by GHM multi-wavelet. After that, the distributed sub-images will be processed by Canny edge detection. For example, the edges of LL2 (with the highest important degree) and HH2 (with the lowest important degree) are detected by strong Canny method. Then many thin edges can be obtained, which are useless for medical diagnosis, privacy and diagnosis information can be hid by deletion and comparison processing of invalid edges. The experimental results indicate that the robustness and capacity of watermarked CT images can be improved after this algorithm.