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Hi-tech companies pursue innovative strategies continuously to enhance their competitive edge in the emerging cloud computing market. As a cloud service model of competitive strategy, Software as a Service (SaaS) strives to foster customer relationship management (CRM). Based on the cloud experience of professional users in CRM for cloud computing, this study elucidates the organizational benefits of CRM in this emerging field. The benefits of enterprise CRM for cloud computing are identified using appropriate qualitative methodologies, including means-end chain (MEC) and interpretive structural modeling (ISM) methods. This study pursues the following three objectives: (1) to help enterprises understand the feasibility of applying cloud computing-based SaaS technology, (2) to explore the enterprise value of CRM services and introduce cloud computing technology to enterprises, and (3) to display the value of an enterprise system more realistically to improve MEC and ISM research methods. Importantly, results of this study significantly contribute to efforts to use the generalized applications of cloud computing in enterprise CRM.