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The main features of wireless sensors are energy limited, hence, the algorithm design with the enhancement of energy efficiency becomes an important topic. Divide cluster in a wireless sensor network (WSN) is a very important technology which can blend the data into the cluster to expand the lifetime of the entire network. In this paper, we are going to propose a new algorithm to be associated with a particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and Taguchi algorithm to select the optimal cluster heads from a wireless cluster sensor network. In a WSN, PSO algorithm is used to select cluster head and to reach the energy dissipation balance among all nodes, which can in turn reduce the probability of the early death of the nodes. Meanwhile, the equation of optimal number of clusters is used to decide the field number of clusters of low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH). In PSO algorithm, the selection of parameter is very important, hence, in order to achieve optimal parameter value, too much number of experiments is usually spent, therefore, in this paper, Taguchi algorithm was adopted to reduce the number of experiments and the energy dissipation of the node. Consequently, we can get the optimal parameter value of PSO algorithm, and the energy dissipation of each node can then be balanced. From the simulation result, it can be seen that our proposed PSO-LEACH architecture with Taguchi algorithm has reduced energy dissipation as compared to LEACH architecture and PSO-LEACH architecture, meanwhile, the energy balance of each node can be reached, and the lifetime of the entire wireless sensor network can then be extended.