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In order to give SoftMan system a flexible real-time self-adaptive ability, a kind of extended ECA rule model namely RSECAP is put forward. In this rule model, the new concepts, resource subject and SoftMan object, are introduced to depict the trigger and effective object of the rule respectively, and also the post condition is introduced to express the state constraint after the rule action is executed. Based on the RSECAP model, SoftMan forward rule-based reasoning mechanism is established, and rule conflict problem is discussed. The formal descriptions of rule conflict problem are defined from two different perspectives of action constraint and postcondition constraint respectively, and the internal logical relation between these two ways of descriptions is proved. On the basis of this relevance theory, a rule conflict detection method combining static rule with dynamic rule is given, and the conflict resolution is realized with the help of dynamically constructing rule conflict resolution set and computing the post-condition constraint preference value. The comparative evaluation with other typical methods showed that rule conflict detection and resolution based on the postcondition constraint preference had higher success rate and accuracy with stable and reliable features.