Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences

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South Korea


This paper considers the energy minimization problem in a multi-hop wireless ad hoc network that consists of regular nodes and mobile relays. In such a network, mobile relays may relocate to optimal positions such that energy consumption for data transmission isminimized. In order to find the optimal positions for mobile relays, the mobile relay optimal relocation (MROR) problem is first defined. Since the cost in terms of data transmission energy can be modeled using a convex function, the problem is formulated as a convex optimization problem over mobile relay position variables. Using dual decomposition and subgradient methods enables mobile relays to cooperate in a distributed manner to attain the optimal relocations. Numerical results confirm that the proposed method can result in minimal energy consumption for data transmission. This study appears to be the first attempt to relocate mobile relays to globally minimize data transmission energy consumption in a multi-hop wireless network where multiple data flows exist.