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In view of feature matching between carrier and secret images, an information hiding scheme based on CARDBAL2 and color transfer theory is proposed as CDB-CTT to improve the hiding performance. Quantifying the energy and structure features into adaptable parameters, the proposed scheme consists of two key parts: (1) the energy of the carrier image will be mainly distributed in the four components with different robustness such as LL2, LH2, HL2 and HH2 in the sub-image after first-order CARDBAL2; (2) the color transfer theory is used to analyse the structure feature into some modifiable bits and to realize the embedding operation. Based on the above two points, the modification after embedding can be minimized. Experimental results indicate that our scheme can increase imperceptibility by 24.47% averagely and robustness at least 20.14%, and obtain excellent sensitivity of image processing.