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In this paper, an algorithm is proposed for the identification of structural parameters of tall buildings under unknown wind loading with limited measurements of acceleration response outputs. Dynamic wind loading on tall buildings at typical levels is estimated based on the fluctuating properties of wind. A tall building is decomposed into small size substructures based on its finite element formulation. Interconnection effects between adjacent substructures are considered as ‘additional unknown inputs’ to substructures. For each substructure, the identification algorithm is based on sequential application of extended Kalman estimator for the extended state vector of the substructure and least-squares estimation of its unknown external excitations. It is shown that the ‘additional unknown inputs’ can be estimated by the algorithm without the measurements of the substructure interface degree-offreedoms, which is superior to previous substructural identification approaches. The proposed algorithm is straightforward and simpler since it can identify structural parameters and unknown excitations in a sequential manner. To validate the feasibility of the proposed algorithm, structural parameters of a 20-story shear-type building and the unknown wind loading are identified in a numerical example. It is shown that the proposed algorithm is effective.

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