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Today many aircraft control systems and process control industries are employing classical controller such as Proportional Integral Derivative Controller (PID) to improve the system characteristics and dynamic performance. To improve the stability analysis and system performance of an aircraft, PID controller is employed in this paper. The safety of flight envelope can be improved by tuning parameters of PID controller for pitch control dynamics of an aircraft. Designing the mathematical model is necessary and important to describe the longitudinal pitch control of general aviation aircraft system. PID controller is developed based on dynamic and mathematical modeling of an aircraft system. The various tuning methods such as Zeigler-Nichols method (ZN),Modified Zeigler- Nichols method, Tyreus- Luyben tuning and Astrom-Hagglund tuning methods are evaluated for general aviation aircraft system. The simulation results prove that PID controller parameters tuned by ZN method for general aviation aircraft dynamics is better compared to the other methods in improving the stability and performance of flight in all conditions such as climb, cruise and approach phase.

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