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Stochastic Petri Box Calculus (sPBC) with immediate multiactions is an algebraic model for the description of concurrent systems, whose activities have a random time associated (governed by an exponential distribution) or they are immediate (no time is required for their execution). One of the main features of sPBC, in contrast to other classical stochastic process algebras, is that it considers multiactions instead of single actions. Furthermore, a description in this version of sPBC has a natural and easy translation into Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets (GSPNs). In this paper we show how the calculus can be applied to information science phenomena, specifically, to model and analyze a Video Conference System. We will see that this particular kind of system can be easily described and analyzed within sPBC with immediate multiactions. This case study illustrates the power and flexibility of our stochastic process algebra in the area of control and systems engineering.

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