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In this paper an attempt has been made to find a simple form of the thermal effects on transverse waves propagating in an anisotropic incompressible dissipative pre-stressed plate in the context of Biot’s theory. The governing equations are derived and the velocities of propagation as well as damping are discussed. The influences of changes in anisotropy-type, initial and thermal stresses are discussed. Analytical analysis reveals that the velocities of the transverse waves depend upon the anisotropy as well as the initial and thermal stresses present in the medium. Numerical computation shows that the variation in the parameters associated with anisotropy of the medium directly affects the propagation of transverse waves in the medium. The increase of initial stress parameters decreases the phase velocity of transverse wave within the range (25o,65o) and increases the velocity with the initial stress parameter increase within the range (45o,90o). Also, the velocity of transverse waves can be obviously tuned by the thermal effects.

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