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Saudi Arabia.


In this work, an estimation to study the reflection of p-wave, T-wave and SV-wave on the boundary of a fibre-reinforced half-space of homogeneous, isotropic thermoelastic medium under effect of the relaxation times, magnetic field and rotation were taken into our consideration the boundary was stress-free as well as insulated. GL model of generalized thermoelasticity which was known as the theory of thermoelasticity with two relaxation times, or the theory of temperature-rate dependent thermoelasticity has been applied to obtain the amplitudes of the reflection coefficients. Lame’s potentials were used in the two dimensions oxz that tend to separate the governing equations into three equations that sought in harmonic travelling form.We estimated the equation of the velocities of p-wave, T-wave and SV-wave. The boundary conditions for the mechanical and Maxwell’s stresses and the thermal insulated at the boundary are applied to determine the reflection coefficients of the longitudinal p-wave and thermal T-wave as well as the transverse wave SVand conclude them some special cases. Will arrive at the results of the research proposal consistent with the classic results. The results obtained are calculated numerically by taking an appropriate metal and presented graphically.

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