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In plastic injection industry, manual adjustment operation mode is applied for operational workers to prevent mold from sticking together by observing hand-touching approaches, which is characteristic of extremely low efficiency and high labor cost. In this paper we developed an automatic mold monitoring system which reduces the mold repairing cost and increases the mold life time. In plastic injection industries, due to the grate shock of injection molding equipment the Charged Coupled Device (CCD), used for acquiring the images, may shift from its original focused position. This in turn creates a bad pattern matching results and leads to a poor monitoring result. Therefore we developed an improved compensation algorithm based on similarity measurement techniques (SMT) to correct the tilted image automatically. The system has been applied in industry for 4 years since 2006. Based on the application data from the enterprise it is found that our developed automatic mold monitoring system is very promising and it can greatly improve production efficiency by decreasing the production cost.

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