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The Mobile computer science requires many processing. Besides the communication activities, the energy consumption is one of the most critical issues as far as the batteries mobile devices are concerned. Especially, in ad hoc networks where each node is responsible to transmit data packets for the neighbour nodes. Thus, a particular wariness must be taken not only to minimize all nodes appropriate energy consumption but also to balance the batteries individual levels. Any unbalanced energy usage can, however, cause a failure on one of the overloaded nodes and thus lead to partitioning and decreasing the network lifetime. In the present paper, we first introduce the state of art the ad hoc networks and then its energy consumption, followed by a detailled description of the standard Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) protocol. Second, we insert the energy consumption criterion QoS. With such an objective, we bring an the improvement at the heuristics of the nodes selection at multipoint relays (MPR), which represents the strongest point of the OLSR routing. Finally, we suggest three algorithms for the MPR selection process according to the energy constraints.

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