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The characteristics of the system of systems (SoS) present great challenges to the safety analysis of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Traditional safety analysis methods and techniques do not work well in a complex SoS, so new safety analysis technologies are needed to adapt to safety problems in SoS. This study first expounds upon the shortcomings of traditional safety analysis methods on GNSS safety and vulnerability study. Then some discussion and works on SoS safety is shown to introduce this new field. In addition, the Functional Dependency Network Analysis (FDNA) method is introduced and an SoS safety modeling and analysis method is proposed, together with detailed processes, which is based on FDNA. Finally, the application of this method is demonstrated through a case study. Based on the case study, it appears that FDNA has great potential and applicability to SoS safety analyses that are otherwise difficult for traditional models or methods to accommodate.

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