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The results of numerical studies on linear and non-linear transverse vibrations control of a two member column subjected to Euler’s load by means of piezoceramic elements have been presented in this paper. The investigated column is composed of two members. The external member is a single rod and the internal one consists of two rods (one of them is a made of piezoceramic material). The connection of elements of the internal member has been modeled by means of a rotational spring of stiffness C. The boundary problem has been formulated on the basis of Hamiltons principle. The perturbation method was used in the solution process due to non-linearity of the column. An influence of the prestressing force generated by the piezoceramic element on natural vibration frequencies, maximum loading and amplitude - vibration frequency relationship have been presented in this paper. The length of the piezoceramic element and stiffness of the rotational spring C on investigated parameters were also taken into account.

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