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The concentration distribution around growing nitrogen gas bubble in the blood and other bio tissues of divers who ascend to surface too quickly is obtained by Mohammadein and Mohamed model (2010)[3] for variant and constant ambient pressure through the decompression process. In this paper, the growing of gas bubbles and concentration distribution under the effect of injection process with convective acceleration are studied as a modification of Mohammadein and Mohamed model (zero injection)[3]. The growth of gas bubble is affected ascent rate, tissue diffusivity, initial concentration difference, surface tension and void fraction. Mohammadein and Mohamed model (2010) is obtained as a special case from the present model. Results showed that the injection process affects the systemic blood circulation and acceleration the growth of gas bubbles the bio tissues. The study warns the divers to take any kind of injection during the dive process to avoid the incidence of decompression sickness(DCS).

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