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With the explosive growth of resources in the World Wide Web, web users are in need to make use of the computerized tools to discover the required resources, to find and analyze their usage patterns. The solutions are generated by traditional techniques but these solutions are not an optimized pattern. Several researchers focused on this issue, but still there is no established solution. Traditional and non-traditional techniques are utilized to generate the Usage patterns, but the solution generated is not in a form suitable to retrieve the required information. From the literature, it is found that Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is used in various fields to yield the global optimized solution. In this work, PSO is applied to generate an optimized rule pattern to retrieve the necessary resources from the web. The main objectives of this work is to generate an optimized rule sets and the results of the PSO have to be compared the objective performance measures such as Support, Confidence, Correlation and Lift values with existing traditional and non-traditional techniques to proposed the best technique

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