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The reliable data delivery is the main problem of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANET). Due to node mobility, heavy packet dropping occurs, which leads to packet overhead and links break. The previous routing protocols are vulnerable to node mobility especially for large-scale networks. Due to this issue ,an Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol (EMRP) using fuzzy logic controller is proposed which takes advantage of the stateless property of geographic routing and the broadcast nature of wireless medium. In this protocol, both stability and mobility are calculated to determine network reliability. The reliable multipath is constructed based on network topology. Both link and node reliability is determined to enable novel routing based on calculation of stability. Fuzzy logic control procedure is implemented with reliability to increase the network performance. This system is used in ad hoc network to determine its reliability. The proposed protocol is simulated with Network Simulator (NS2.34) tool to attain better stability and network reliability and also improves the network life time compared to Existing protocols EMLARP.

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