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Considering the practicability and simplification of space-domain pre-processing for 3D model information hiding, we present an improved carrier pre-processing using interval analysis of values on z-axis for the vertical profile of 3D models. First, the 3D model is scaled and rotated disproportionately according to fixed size and angle respectively, and the vertical profile can be obtained by horizontal mapping. Second, the vertical profile is mapped into the two-dimensional coordinate system and the values on the vertical axis can be determined using a fixed step size. Last, the vertical values are converted into binary numbers with interval constraints according to the fixed threshold. By disproportionate scaling with fixed size, the algorithm can be effective against the scaling attack. According to the fixed rotated angle and step size, the data can be embedded in redundancy of the whole model and the algorithm can be robust against cutting. The experimental results illustrate that, being satisfied the characteristic of carrier, our algorithm is of stronger robustness against the random noise under 0.2%, re-meshing and non-uniform simplification compared with similar algorithms

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