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The reasonable preprocessing methods based on the characteristics of the carriers can improve the performance of hiding algorithm largely. Respectively related with robustness and invisibility, the energy and structure characteristics of the carriers should be necessarily analyzed before the data hiding. In this paper, the original carrier is filtered by the Gaussian pyramid (GP) to generate sub-images with different energy level, which can be selected as the embedding regions for the information with different robustness. And the Color Field Structure Analysis is used to process the sub-images after GP to obtain the specific space parameters which can be considered as the modified data for the secret information. And at the same time, some optimization theories like the Logistic chaotic map, Knight’s Tour traversal and the genetic algorithms are used to improve the consistency between the original and stego carrier. At last, the experimental shows the achievements about robustness, invisibility and the ability against steganalysis of this scheme in the form of data.

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