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Recently, there are lots of ongoing researches for underwater acoustic sensor networks (UWASNs). Unlike terrestrial wireless sensor networks which use radio waves, UWASNs communicate by using acoustic waves. The acoustic waves have long propagation delay. Therefore, media access control (MAC) for terrestrial wireless sensor networks does not operate appropriately. Most of recent researches for UWASNs are targeting simple network topology which consists of a single gateway and a number of nodes. However, there are mobile objects, such as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) or multiple gateways, to guarantee reliability of the system in practical UWASNs. Therefore, data transmission with various routes from each node happens. Under this network environment, we propose a new MAC protocol, which can reduce frequent channel contentions among nodes arose by various transmission routes. A Sender transmits single RTS packet to multiple receivers, in order to reserve channel with them, and then it transmits data to them. Therefore, channel contention time for data transmission decreases and network performance improves. In this paper, we evaluate the proposed protocol, by comparing it to existing MAC for UWASNs through the simulation

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