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The relationship between technology and education should be an important issue. NRI (networked readiness index) is a national index to measure the readiness of network ready for the national development. PISA2006 is an important international assessment to measure mathematics literacy. As to this point, investigation on the multilevel relationship for national NRI to influence the personal mathematics literacy is prospective. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to analyze the multilevel relationship between mathematics literacy and NRI. The two-level and stepwise Hierarchical Linear Model (HLM) is to discover the multilevel relationship. The unit in level-1 is students and the level-2 is nations. Mathematics literacy and out-of school-time lessons measured from PISA2006 are dependent variable and independent variable of level-1 respectively. NRI measured from the World Economy Forum is the level-2 variable to explain mathematics literacy directly and the influence between out-of school-time and mathematics literacy indirectly. Five sub-models with one full model are discussed so that the multilevel information between students and nations is clearly understood. The major findings show that out-of school-time will influence mathematics literacy positively and NRI can explain its variance among nations. In addition, it needs more national variables to explain the process for out-of school-time lessons to influence mathematics literacy. Finally, according to the findings, some suggestions and recommendations are discussed.

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