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Multilevel converters is the most popular field of research in DC/AC power converters because it has attractive features such as high-quality output voltage, low harmonic content, and low dv/dt stress, and it can be used in medium-voltage, high-power applications such as FACTS devices, which includes the DVR and STATCOM, industrial drives, and renewable energy source-based applications. However, the multilevel converters have the drawback of increasing the number of switches as number of level increases. In order to reduce the power electronic switches, this article proposes a new multilevel converter, which consists of n number of isolated DC sources connected in series/parallel to the switches, and its can operate in both symmetric and asymmetric methods. The proposed topology uses a minimum number of the power switches, gate driver circuits, and a less number of maximum blocking voltage switches. To maximize the output voltage level, the cascaded structure of basic unit is proposed. The comparison chart is presented to prove the objective of this article. To demonstrate the performance of the proposed topology, computer simulation using MATLAB/Simulink and prototype-based experimental test were done at 13-level and 31-level output voltage waveforms.

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