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The papers will analyze the complex Bio-mathematic model of novel influenza epidemic and determine its stability property by using the popular MathLab/Simulink software and relative software packages. In the recent year, the Bio-mathematics has become the main important trend of research direction which has applied to the epidemic models of disease mechanism, spreading regulation, and strategy of disease preventing in the field of medical and public health. In order to simulate the transmissions of vector-borne diseases and discuss the related health policies effects on vector-borne diseases, we combine the multi-agent-based system, social network, mirror identity concept, and compartmental model to develop an epidemic simulation model. In the identity level, we use the multi-agent-based system and the mirror identity concept to describe identities with social network features. In the vector level, we use compartment model concept to describe the vector populations and the transmission between populations. We will try to constructing epidemic dynamic system model and applying contact network technique to novel Influenza to find the quarantining parameters which are the most important factors to control epidemic situation. The results of experiment by numerical analysis may offer some prevention with reference to control epidemic situation of novel influenza

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