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Saudi Arabia


In this paper, the problem of peristaltic transport of a nanofluid in an asymmetric channel under the effect of induced magnetic field has been investigated theoretically. The problem is simplified under the assumption of long wave length and law Reynolds number. Exact analytic solutions for the present problem are obtained. Expressions for the velocity, stream function, temperature distribution, nanoparticles concentration, pressure gradient, pressure rise, magnetic force function, axial magnetic field, and current density distribution are computed. The effect of various emerging parameters on the flow characteristic are shown and discussed. The trapping phenomena have been also discussed. Results show that the magnitude of the velocity decreases in the center of the channel while it increases near the channel wall with an increase in Hartmann number M. It is also noted that the size of the trapped bolus increases in the lower half of the channel when we increase the Hartmann number as well as the local Grashof number.

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