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The limb motor dysfunction caused by cerebral injury brings a heavy burden to the patients family and society. The scientific rehabilitation training helps a lot in the recovery of limb motor function. The treatment of nerve rehabilitation is a hard work. At present, it mainly relies on the hand operation of rehabilitation physician to take rehabilitation exercises. It limits the improvement of rehabilitation. The combination of rehabilitation medicine and robot technology improves the efficiency of rehabilitation training and ensures the strength of action training, which has created a new way for the research on new rehabilitation technology. With the interdisciplinary development and integration, the rehabilitation medicine and the rehabilitation robot has been further studied and explored. The sEMG signal is one of the most important data in the limb rehabilitation, especially in upper limb rehabilitation robot. In the development of rehabilitation robot, the extraction of sEMG signal in upper limb rehabilitation is investigated deeply. The paper focuses on the status of the extraction of sEMG signal. In the end, the development trend for the future is discussed.

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