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A dc-dc boost converter is essential for Solar PV system to step up the low voltage to required voltage and for maximum power point tracking from Solar PV panel/array. Boost converters are generally operated with high duty ratio to achieve the higher output voltage. This high duty ratio limits the switching frequency because of high reverse recovery time, also it results poor efficiency and electromagnetic interference. The solar PV based modified quadratic boost converter is proposed in this paper. It offers high output voltage in low duty ratio and thus eliminates the above mentioned drawbacks. Also the voltage stress is less at the same irradiance level compare to solar PV based conventional boost converter. The proposed system is simulated using MATLAB/Simulink. The Perturb & Observe (P & O) algorithm is adopted to ensure the maximum power from the PV panel. A 250W prototype is developed in the laboratory. The simulation and the hardware results validate the performance of the solar PV based modified quadratic boost converter.

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