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In this work, it is planned to model the formability of various grades of aluminium sheet metals using ANN and optimization is done using ANFIS. Formability test is performed on aluminium sheet metals Al5052, Al6061 and Al8011 with thickness 0.8 mm, 1 mm and 1.2 mm. Forming limit diagrams are constructed using strain values obtained from the test. Tensile tests are conducted on the sheet samples and the important mechanical properties which affect the formability are measured and calculated. Using the forming limit strains at different states namely tension-tension, plane strain and tension-compression, modeling is done using ANN and optimization is performed using ANFIS. The architecture 7–14-14–9 is found to be the optimum and it is used in ANN modeling. Using the strain values predicted by ANN, FLD curves are constructed. The predicted strain values are compared with experimental strain values. Further optimized strain values are predicted using ANFIS. This work reveals that experimental FLD, ANN predicted FLD and ANFIS predicted FLD are in good agreement.

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