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Saudi Arabia


We discuss the time-dependent interaction between moving two two-level atoms and squeezed coherent field. We obtain the wave function in the presence of time dependent coupling between the squeezed coherent field and two-two level atoms. Some statistical and nonclassical properties of the squeezed coherent field are discussed through the evolution of the Wehrl entropy. The effects of the initial atomic state position, squeeze parameter and shape function of time-dependent coupling within the atomic speed are examined. It is shown that the atomic speed and squeeze have the potential effect on the time evolution of the entanglement, the Wehrl entropy and the single entropy squeezing. Finally, the results clarified that the manipulation of atom-atom entanglement and the entanglement between the two atoms and squeezed field are greatly controlled by a suitable choice of the squeeze parameter and time dependent coupling among the two atoms and squeezed field.

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