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In Mobile Ad-Hoc Network all mobile nodes are communicated in the absence of access point. The previous fault tolerant routing in ad hoc network does not focus on real time issues in packet forwarding. Due to mobility of mobile node causes the frequent link changes, path may break frequently which leads to network degradation. To solve the path failure and packet dropping, a new protocol called Fuzzy logic based Reliable Stability enhanced Fault Routing Protocol (FRSFRP) is proposed to improve the network performance. In this protocol, there are three phases. In first phase, load balanced routing is established from source to destination. There is need to select the reliable nodes during packet forwarding. In second phase, Cluster head is the responsible node to select reliable nodes based on the calculation of node reliability. In last phase, packets are forwarded to destination node through the reliable nodes. In the presence of mobile environment, the proposed protocol FRSFRP achieved better performance in terms of packet delivery rate, forwarding rate, overhead, delay and network lifetime based on network simulation tool (NS-2) than the existing protocols i.e. LAER, ARCCRP, RFTA and CDN.

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