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Handover mechanism plays a vital role in the wireless telecommunication networks. The process of transferring the control of Mobile Terminal (MT)/Mobile Nodes (MN) due to mobility from one point of attachment to another point of attachment creates problems of delay, link failure, packet loss and error rate in the packets. The proposed work is modeled to analyze the performance of vertical handover considering 4G and wireless data networks. The vertical handover delay is estimated based on radio link quality and merit function of access network. A Matlab based heterogeneous model is considered and with the designed algorithm the performance is analyzed and the delay is evaluated. The comparison of the graphical results is done. Results show the delay estimated is within the pre-assumed range and hence the performance is better. In this paper, a Heterogeneous Handover Algorithm (HHA) is proposed to control the handover mechanism between Wifi, WiMax and LTE networks to reduce the handover delay. The proposed Heterogeneous Handover Algorithm (HHA) is implemented in a wireless scenarios with WiMAX, WiFi and LTE technology and the performance of the technique in different scenario is evaluated through simulation. The results show a significant improvement compared to the existing handover algorithms in terms of delay, service rate and handover dropping probability in heterogeneous networks.

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