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Effective and secured file sharing is the essential factor in real time networks. Common distributed network environment faces numerous problems in existing file sharing mechanism. In this research paper we have proposed a novel approach using Trust based Energy Efficient Clustering Mechanism by using firefly algorithm to improve the throughput. The proposed architecture has been designed with four phases for effective file sharing in P2P networks. In the first stage an Energy Efficient Clustering Mechanism with Firefly calculation has been introduced. A vitality proficient Clustering calculation with ideal parameters is intended for decreasing the vitality utilization and drawing out the framework lifetime. The second part of system focuses on Routing and accurate reputation framework. The third phase implements the Security Trust that can distinguish and shield fair associates from attack. In the last stage File Replications are identified and replicas are removed. This four stage framework shows drastic improvements in low delay, high speed, high efficiency Throughput when compared to existing framework. The results indicate that the time consumed by proposed method is very less when compared with existing algorithms.

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