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Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a collection of battery operated sensor devices with lossy nature. Achieving reliability in data transmission in WSN is a big challenge. Forward error control (FEC) and Automatic Repeat request (ARQ) are the error control mechanisms used for increasing the reliability of data transmission. Since, WSN is a power constraint environment, the error control mechanism implemented in the sensor nodes should consume less energy. In this paper, we propose optimal quasi cyclic FEC scheme in WSN for detection and correction of burst errors. In ARQ, retransmission of corrupted data is highly time consuming whereas the proposed quasi cyclic code handles the burst errors effectively, which are very common in bulk data transmission. Quasi cyclic codes are known for their minimum distances among linear codes. In the proposed work, optimal binary quasi cyclic code is adopted for the first time for error correction in WSN with column wise transmission. The inference is that quasi cyclic FEC is effective in terms of energy efficiency compared to other FEC codes and ARQ schemes. It also improves the network lifetime by reducing the retransmission.

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