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The adhoc networks are the briefly established wireless networks that don’t need to be mounted infrastructure it’s conjointly called as infrastructure less network. These adhoc networks share a common wireless medium and lack central coordination which makes them more liable to attacks when compared to wired network. In case of wormhole wireless attack, the intruder senses the packets in terms of bits and tunnels them (possibly selectively) from one location to a different location.it then send back them into the network. Such wormhole attacks can be a significant threat against location-based wireless security systems and adhoc networks per se. In an attempt to find the solution over wormhole attack, the dynamic information of the packets can be changed which provides a strong protection. In order to tackle wormhole attack coordinator node has been elected by wireless election algorithms. Functions of the coordinator node are to observe, isolate and prevent any further attacks. In this context, the simulation experiments were carried out to check the performance under different situations. From these experiment results, we have identified that the suggested wireless protocol is adapted for improving the protection of resource constrained wireless sensor networks

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