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MANET is a set of wireless communication module practiced globally for well-established networking. MANETS are largely utilized as a part of networking and used by large network users all over the world. These network communication utilize hubs for interconnection and consume large capacity of energy for processing. The consumption and protection of networking in MANET have been researched for the recent couple of years. Somehow the researches for limiting the resources has been explored to some level. The most challenging assignment is the security issues in MANETS. The adaptation of harmful elements can affect the system and its associated consumer which prompts problems in communication. The main objective of this research paper is to give optimal security and energy consumption during routing of the network nodes. This paper proposes a cluster based routing strategy to give optimal security and energy consumption during networking. The fuzzy k-means clustering is induced to cluster the network into same cluster heads. During routing the cluster, heads finds the optimal path to transmit data with a minimal energy. The proposed routing protocol is a trust based on demand multicast routing which gives optimal security by securing the transmission of data during routing. The proposed protocol is modeled and experimented in the Network Simulator 2, and the performance of the routing protocol proposed in this paper are evaluated with the existing approaches in terms of quality of service (QoS) and energy efficiency. From the analyzed results, it shows that the proposed protocol is an efficient routing strategy offering optimal security and energy efficiency in mobile adhoc networks

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