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United Arab Emirates


In university education a lot of emphasis is placed on the use of a technology enhanced learning environment in teaching to enhance the student learning experience. This paper sought to investigate the impact of such environment in the performance of at-risk students in math courses. This paper reports on a study conducted on at-risk students to investigate whether the utilization of a technology enhanced learning environment had any impact on the final grades achieved by students. Moreover, we compared student’s performances to determine whether students using a computer-assisted learning and technology enhanced learning environment learned better than traditional classroom learners. The sample of the study was 50 at-risk engineering students enrolled in different math courses. For data collection, grades were taken for students enrolled in math courses where no instructional technology were used. Then the same students took another math courses taught in an enhanced learning environment. Data were analyzed using StatCrunch software. At the end of the study, it has been concluded that studying in an enhanced learning environment increased the academic success of at-risk students in mathematics courses compared to the traditional classroom.

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