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South Africa


This paper aims to computationally study the effects of Navier slip on an unsteady hydromagnetic flow of a pressure driven, reactive, variable viscosity, electrically conducting third-grade fluid through a porous saturated medium with asymmetrical convective boundary conditions. It is assumed that the chemical kinetics in the flow system is exothermic and that the asymmetric convective heat exchange with the surrounding medium at the surfaces follows Newtons law of cooling. The coupled nonlinear partial differential equations governing the flow and heat transfer are derived and solved numerically using a semi-implicit finite difference scheme. The flow and heat transfer characteristics are analyzed graphically and discussed for different values of the parameters embedded in the system. It is observed that the lower wall slip parameter increases the fluid velocity profiles. The upper wall slip parameter is seen to retard the velocity profiles while it increases the fluid temperature profiles. The wall slip parameters increase the skin friction and the Nusselt number. The wall slip parameters as well as the variable viscosity parameter, the viscous heating parameter and the numerical exponent m reduce the thermal criticality values of the reaction parameter.

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