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Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) has got more focus because of its pragmatic applications and inevitability of communication in mobile devices. MANET is a wireless network, self-configuring and nodes communicate between them without any centralized supervision. Vibrant nature of MANET demands end to end quality of service. Nodes Trust is the most challenging apprehension in routing protocol for MANETs. The trust based routing is one way to form assistance among nodes for performing an competent routing. To optimize the routing mechanism a bio inspired metaheuristics technique, Ant colony optimization is used. It simulates ant behavior to solve complex combinatorial problems. ACO algorithms include the method of optimization, strengthening learning and also decentralized, robust and flexible. The proposed work Trust and ANT Based Routing (TABR) defines an Ant based routing algorithm incorporated with trust values to identify efficient, trusted and optimized routes inMANET. The work is implemented and simulated on NS-2. The proposed TABR is compared with traditional AODV, DSR and ANT based HOPNET routing protocols. The simulation results show the proposed TABR has increase in PDR and throughput and decrease in Delay, packet loss and Jitter compared with traditional AODV, DSR and ANT based HOPNET.

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