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This paper presents the transformer-based multilevel inverter-fed induction motor drive. The development of new technology of power electronic switches and control techniques for inverter-based speed control of induction motor has led to the usage of induction motor in industrial and domestic applications. In this work, the stator winding of induction motor is fed through proposed five-level transformer-based symmetrical inverter, which consists of unidirectional and bidirectional switches, mid-point transformer and capacitors as voltage divider network to produce multilevel output voltage at the load side. The speed of the induction motor is varied by changing supply voltage of an induction motor by adjusting width of the pulse width-modulated signal. A speed controller has been implemented through fuzzy logic controller for performing closed loop operation of single phase induction motor drive. The ability of fuzzy-based speed controller can reduce the undesirable sustained oscillations in speed of induction motor drive and also provide better machine performance than conventional linear controller. The proposed controller performance of multilevel inverter-fed induction motor drive system is validated through MATLAB simulink environment.

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