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We propose a new scheme for heterogeneous transcoding of image files from JPEG to JPEG 2000 format with directional filter analysis and modified SPIHT coding scheme. The optimal parameters QF out(I,D) and Z(I,D) that produce high perceived quality in terms of SSIM are selected using a prediction algorithm. Furthermore, the heterogeneous image transcoding are performed using inter-conversion matrices which reduce the computational overheads. The resultant coefficients, using BDCT to DWT, are analyzed by Directional Filter banks (DFBs). The DWT-DFB coefficients are encoded via progressive SPIHT algorithm to meet the devices constraints. In the experimental set up, the quality of reconstructed image is measured using PSNR and SSIM. It is shown that there is an improvement of more than 4 dB in the quality of reconstruction for the same bit rate as that of mere DWT-based SPIHT encoding.

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