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Tele-health monitoring plays a vital role in healthcare applications. Electrocardiogram (ECG) signals are an essential part in diagnosis and analysis of cardiac diseases. It consumes large amount of time and space during transmission and data storage. To reduce the time and space complexity, an Integrated Multiscale Gabor Wavelet Transformation (IMAGWT) and Amplitude Zone Time Epoch Coding (IMGWT–AZTEC) mechanism is introduced. Multiscale Approximated Gabor Wavelet Transformation (MAGWT) is used in IMAGWT–AZTEC mechanism to decompose the ECG signals into many sub-bands and to extract the P, T waves and QRS complex. After extraction of signals, AZTEC and decoding techniques are introduced for data compression and decompression. This in turn helps to improve the data extraction and data compression performance in IMGWT–AZTEC mechanism.

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