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A recent fast-developing method for easy access and sharing of medical data is to maintain the patients’ information in the form of Electronic Health Record (EHRs). Nowadays, these EHRs are most frequently outsourced and stockpiled at third parties namely cloud servers. This reduces the burden on health care providers but introduces more safety problems like revealing of health data to unapproved parties due to access, by not only illegitimate users but also unauthorized access by legitimate users. Though illegitimate users can be identified by authentication mechanisms, unauthorized access by authentic users cannot be restricted by such authentication mechanisms. To guarantee the control of the users’ access, efficient access-control mechanisms and access-policies are required. This research paper introduces an innovative data access mechanism based on Partial grained Attribute-Based Encryption (PABE) and policies to access, depending on users’ roles in cloud servers. The proposed secure data access aims at providing attributebased keys selectively only to sensitive data thereby restricting access to sensitive data alone to reduce accessing validation time rights.

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