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This paper presents the experimental setup built to study a Thermal-Energy-Storage System (TESS) based on concrete as packed-bed using air heat-transfer fluid. Thermal energy storage using sensible heat storage materials have gained much interest in the renewable energy storage sector due to its relatively low cost, abundant availability and technical development. The objective of this work is to design, fabricate and test a sensible heat thermal-energy-storage system. This work can be actualized in low-temperature cooling. A use of this work on low-temperature cooling is by utilizing silica gel-water adsorption chiller which can be driven by 55◦C of heated water. In this examination, two tests have been completed warmth stockpiling components of various porosities and surface area. The parameters such as porosity and surface area influence heat-transfer by conduction and convection. Also, numerical analysis is being carried out to have a detailed analysis of the problem for varying parameters and to compare with experimental results.

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