Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences

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Saudi Arabia.


In this paper, we investigated a new mathematical model on effect of the diffusion with voids in generalized thermoelastic half-space with electromagnetic field, gravity field, and rotation. The model is formulated in the context of four thermoelastic theories; Classical (CT), Lord Shulman (LS), Green Lindsay (GL) and Dual-Phase-Lag (DPL) models. The boundary conditions on the surface applied to obtain the enclosed expressions for the displacements, temperature, stresses, concentration of diffusion and volume fraction field in the physical domain using the normal mode method. A comparison will be made for the results obtained in the presence and absence of the new considered variables and displayed graphically. We shall compare the results in the context of the new mathematical model with the previous results obtained by others to ensure the quality of the model and show the physical meaning of the phenomena. Finally, we shall make simulation with Geologists and Petroleum Engineers to show the useful and applications of the new model and generalize the results for the new mathematical model obtained.

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