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Industrial Nonlinear control (NSTLC) process is one of the most important and challenging tasks in all industrial processes, where the water or liquids takes place. Due to the cross sectional area of spherical tank, the automatic level control is difficult with respect to its various desired range of operating points. In this paper, the mathematical model of spherical tank has been obtained by conducting open loop experimental test. Based on the transfer function and the state space model of the tank, the step response analysis has been taken into account. Model validation has been analyzed with respect to process dynamics. Then after the proposed FuzzyQuantitative Feedback Theory (F-QFT) tuning of P+I+D scheme has been introduced to control the level of the spherical tank effectively using satisfied time domain specifications (zero offset, minimum ISE, minimum peak overshoot, quick settling etc...) The simulation and experimental results have been obtained based on servo (set point change) and regulatory (load change) operating conditions.

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