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C Phenolic and Si Phenolic are the special composite materials used for ablative thermal protection in solid motor nozzles for aerospace launch vehicles. These materials are highly specialized composite materials made from C / Si fibres and special phenolformaldehyde resins. These materials can withstand very high temperature of 1500C to 3000C in the nozzle of the solid rocket motors by the principle of self sacrificing and protecting the backend hardware to a very low temperature of less than 100C when the actual nozzle temperature is of 3000C. The amount of fibre (C, Si), the matrix material (phenolic resin) and the different combination play a key role in the ablative performance. This paper deals with preparation of carbon phenolic laminate which is subject to accelerate the aging conditions to determine the effects of aging on ablative, thermal and mechanical properties of carbon Phenolic for 1yr, 2yrs & 3yrs respectively and comparing the values with an un-aged laminate part. This entire work shows the significance of accelerated aging effects in phenolic ablative composites.

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