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In the last decade, mobile applications have been on the rise. When developing an app, and because of the wide variety of existing mobile devices and operating systems, developers need to support several target platforms. Designing, and developing a mobile app on several platforms require from the developer to invest a considerable amount of extra time and effort, which delays the introduction of the app to the market. The aim of this paper is to propose a technique that takes the user interface developed for one platform as input and generates its equivalent interface for the other platform. In simple terms, our approach translates an iOS interface into its equivalent Android interface and vice versa. Our approach is based on a model-driven solution that proposes a generic UML profile that builds the link between the different resources in Android and iOS. Using this profile, the framework can map any iOS resource to its correct counterpart in Android, and vice versa. Experiments have shown that our approach is feasible, fast, easy to use by developers, and does not require any interference from their side.

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