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The purpose of the research study is to understand the impact of the agility enabling practices onto the Supply Chain Performance Measures (SCPMs) in Indian leather footwear industry by means of fuzzy QFD tool. The agility-enhancing SCPMs specific to Indian leather footwear industry were identified and prioritized through Delphi study. The supply chain practices were then ascertained for the scope to achieve agility in the supply chain through factor analysis. The technical correlation between the SC practices and their relationship with agility-enhancing SCPMs was determined using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) tool. Then the supply chain practices were prioritized using fuzzy logic in QFD and a fuzzy QFD based ASCM model has been developed. Through the present study, about twelve Agility Enabling Supply Chain Practices (AESCPs) are ascertained as relevant and applicable to the Indian leather footwear industry. AESCPs having high crisp values have to be essentially implemented in leather footwear industry to augment its supply chain performance.

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