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Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) consisting multiple number of nodes having the feature of wireless communication and networking capability. These nodes are able to communicate with each node irrespective of its frequency range. Being the self- organizing nature, these networks can be formed as well as deformed easily and quickly without installing any centralized infrastructure. These networks have the highest mobility and routes to be updated frequently to ensure that the connections are newer one. The best performance guaranteeing routing protocol is Cluster Based Routing Protocol (CBRP). However, the CBRP has been suffering to sustain its performance due to poor responses from the cluster heads. To overcome this challenge, it is proposed an Intelligent Cluster Based Routing Protocol( ICBRP) having the feature of dualcluster heads which ensures the firmness of clusters and a novel technique for clusterhead selection employing enhanced weighted clustering process. Also, the dualcluster heads are optimized and allowed to work together with better understanding regarding increasing the performance level of clusters, solidity and extension of network lifetime.

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